The PUPPET THEATRE RAPHAEL MÜRLE PFORZHEIM was founded in 1987 and has made itself a name fast in the theatre world with its unusual productions.

Raphael Mürle studied puppet play from 1983 to 1987 at the "Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst" (academy for music and performing arts) in Stuttgart among others under Prof. Albrecht Roser, Prof. Werner Knoedgen and Pavel Moeller Lueck.

His expressive visual language, the use of a large variety of different techniques as well as the unusual stage constructions and character designs distinguish his theatre work.

His repertoire covers adult puppet theatre, short programs and puppet plays for children. Of course all productions cannot be played - the werkschau shows the entire range of its artistic work and an overview of all productions produced so far since 1984.

The puppet theatre Raphael Mürle operates its own theatre since 1987 with 100 seats in Pforzheim Brštzingen. The vast programme offers among own productions plays of the "Marionettenbühne Mottenkäfig" and interesting guest performances. But the puppet theatre Raphael Mźrle is not only to be seen in Pforzheim: touring with its productions in Germany and many other countries is common practice.

The PUPPET THEATRE RAPHAEL MÜRLE manages the performances by its own. Since 1991 the office is a reliable place to connect. It is in charge to organize many different big events.




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