WUNDERKAMMER – Cabinet of Curiosities
Meditations on Wonderment

The idea of a cabinet of curiosities, an antiquated concept for a museum centred around a collection of rare artefacts and curiosities, provides the framework for this evening of theatrical entertainment betwixt the visual and the performing arts.

Tempo and flair are created by the compositions of jazz pianist Michael Wollny and harpsichord player Tamar Halperin, as well as by the electronic music and custom-written pieces for cello by Bradley Kemp.

Costumes were designed by Evelyne Meerschaut and Lisa Thomas created the choreography.
Puppeteers Alice-Therese Gottschalk, Raphael Mürle and Frank Soehnle, all disciples of the internationally renowned master puppeteer Albrecht Roser, convene as a trio to improve upon and intensify their puppeteering skills collectively.

The exhibits in a cabinet of curiosities were meant to demonstrate the universal connection between all things and to impart a perception of a world in which history, art, nature and science all fused to create a oneness. Contrary to the scholasticism of the High and Late Middle Ages when all areas of knowledge had been regarded from an abstract point of view, a cabinet of curiosities represented awareness gained through diverse sensory observations.

From this standpoint, the many-facetted medium of the marionette also presents the audience member with a cabinet of curiosities. Here, our senses are given the possibility to perceive gravity and magnetism. Mere mechanics demonstrate marvellous mysticism. Freedom of movement is experienced in the connection between physics and gracefulness. The wonderful and the mundane, technology and poetry exist in equilibrium and thus facilitate a novel perception of the world and the unity of all things.

Step into the curious cabinet of marionettes and allow them to transport you to a place of wonderment with their inimitable allure and weightlessness.

Coproduction with FAB-Theater Stuttgart, Figurentheater Raphael Mürle Pforzheim and Figurentheater Tübingen

Puppets, Performance and Direction:
Alice Therese Gottschalk, Frank Soehnle and Raphael Mürle

Lisa Thomas (Stuttgart)

Evelyne Meersschaut (Belgien)

Bradley Kemp (USA)


Adult puppet theatre / Repertoire

Pressestimmen: PZ (29.4.13) / Kurier (29.4.13)