A deception for two projectors and one sound generator

In this multi-discipline production theatre, visual arts and music merge into one unity. Ideas emerge apparently out of nothing, are transformed and disappear again as this playful process unfolds. Seemingly insignificant elements, projected onto a screen, develop into amazing signs, figures and even stories. This is visual fun at its highest level with reference to cave painting, jewelry, shadow theatre, animation film and computer games.

Puppet player Raphael Mürle and artist Harald Kröner will be accompanied live by guitar player Matthias Hautsch in the style of silent movie score.

February 2017

Puppets, objects, direction and performance:
Harald Kröner und Raphael Mürle

Matthias Hautsch


Diese Produktion entsteht im Rahmen des Jubiläums 250 Jahre Goldstadt Pforzheim und wird gefördert von: Goldstadt 250 Jahre, Stadt Pforzheim, Förderkreis Figurentheater

Plays for adults / Repertoire